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NLP: Extracting Meaningful Information

From a large and multi source text inputs located and extracted meaningful information for a client providing data led marketing insights. Handled millions of data sources, created a data frame, developed models for various use cases, trained them and enhanced accuracy with intense data and ML operations.

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Medical Image AI

We are working on medical images , MRI, CT Scans, Ultrasound, and X-Ray to help manage them effectively, adding an intelligent layer to diagnostics and record management, and overhauling healthcare services operations for better productivity and efficiency.

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Image recognition, object detection, and recommendation

Luxury items like jewelry is aspirational purchase, where designs their references matter. Qhills team is working on an idea of searching similar image from large swathes of images distributed across the retail players to recommend the same or similar design available in an intuitive way.

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Defect Identifications: Image and Video Analytics

In its ongoing effort, the Qhills team is experimenting with real-time capturing of video/images of the manufactured textile roll to identify defects that lead to rejection of cloths at client ends.

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Insights: Flood Situation in south Maharashtra

In 2019,districts of south Maharashtra got severely affected by flood. Information and news about are scattered, doesn’t give consolidated understanding and insights to manage such situation.

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