Basic Python

                  Online Sessions | 2 hours | Theory & Practice

₹ 5000 (Including GST)

( For one month)

Course Content


  • Introduction to python and IDES with Installations.
  • python operators and Identifiers
  • Comments ,variables, Numbers and other data types.
  • Mutable  datatypes
  • Immutable datatypes


  • For loop with if-else
  • while loop with if-else
  • Control statements
  • Python function
  • Practice of more examples.


  • Introduction to OOPs Concept.
  • Python errors
  • How importing packages and regex operations
  • Introduction to python library (pandas and Numpy)


  • Projects.

Data Science With Python 

Online Sessions | 2 hours | Theory & Practice

₹ 15000(Including GST)

(For three months)

Course Content

Week-1 To Week-4:

  • Syllabus As Per Basic Python Course.


  • Introduction with Brief Hand’s on of Python Libraries.


  • Statistical Analysis Of data with Scipy.


  • Regression Algorithms of Machine Learning with Mathematical Logic behind It.


  • Classification Algorithms of Machine Learning with Mathematical Logic behind It.


  • Clustering Algorithms of Machine Learning with Mathematical Logic behind It.


  • Introduction to NLP and Modelling.


  • Introduction To Deep learning & Image Recognition


  • Case-Studies & Projects.

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AI and ML are the most trending areas of the industry as the opportunities to explore are immense. Exposure to such learning is a necessary aspect for aspirants like us. The absence of proper resources in a small city like Satara may have restricted us earlier, but the training program offered by QHills fulfills the requirement. Besides, it could boost our confidence in tackling the technical rounds and job interviews of our dream job.”

Priti Shivaji Doiphode

Junior Data Scientist, QHills Technology Pvt. Ltd. Satara

This AI and  ML certification course is ideal for working professionals with programming knowledge. It covers key concepts like Statistics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and Reinforcement Learning. The course lectures are quite engaging with hands-on practice and the programming assignments revise the learned concepts in step-by-step manner.
It was my first experience with Python and I enjoyed it very much! A lot of thanks to Instructor and all team, who made this course so interest and understandable.
It has been a long and deeply satisfying three-month hike.

Shraddha Bhagawan Pawar


This Course is very useful for us. Because in most of the cities these courses are unavailable. conducting this course  by QHills gave us great learning experience. The teaching was so interactive and cleared all the sessions. Taking Course according to the need of the learner and understood all the concepts.

Thanks to QHills for given this opportunities to us.”

Varsha Yadav


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