Insight Into Flood Situation Of South Maharashtra


In 2019 some districts of south Maharashtra got severely affected by flood. We chose Satara, Sangali & Kolhapur districts for our case study. we collected data about affected area from different sources. we applied our expertise to analyze the data and derived a vision. this visualization can help to avoid flood calamities in the future.

Work Flow


  • Collection of all parameters data which is mainly responsible to flood.
  • Convert all unstructured data in well structured format.
  • Apply different visualisations and time series analysis on data to find hidden pattern from it.

Technology Used

  • Machine learning
  • Python
  • Pandas
  • Plotly
  • Numpy
  • Data Mining


  • First collecting targeted data regarding to flood .The data collected data contains duplicate records, white spaces, or errors. Before goes to data analysis we cleaned data.
  • We extracted useful information from cleaned data for taking the decision based upon it.
  • Finally finding patterns, trends, and correlations in data for better interpreation of visualization.

Future Work

  • we are focusing on five districts of Maharashtra. But for the future, we make it in general, as it may apply to any part of our country if reliable data is available.It may help us to predict flood affected villages and flood risk index which may be based on all available parameters. lastly, our target is to make a forecast or alert system that may be used for flood risk handling. That help us to save lives and losses.